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Latin-inspired international cuisine

Since 2022

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Latin-inspired international cuisine

Since 2022

At the entrance to the Vaudois Alps, in a magnificent historic chalet, surrounded by warm service and unforgettable flavors

In 2022, Restaurant Le Leysin changes its gastronomic concept

Latin American cuisine is the “forced fusion” of Asian and Italian cultures that influenced two stages of history. Traditional recipes could no longer be respected in the new world. You had to cook with local and unknown ingredients: peppers, herbs, cereals. Cultures had to change their recipes without realizing that they were building the best legacy we have today. Our culinary heritage.

The culinary experience


Le Leysin

Restaurant - Bar

At Leysin we are more than a restaurant. We are a space to delight the senses. The authenticity of the Swiss atmosphere of the 17th century. An ideal environment to discover exotic flavors but also traditional Swiss dishes.

We take care of the freshness of the ingredients, the harmony in their presentation and above all we add our warm touch to serve you.

We are a restaurant for all ages and tastes: good music, a simple atmosphere, delicious food and our spontaneous and friendly service... the best combination to stop here during your visit to Leysin :)

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Special offer for groups

We offer a friendly experience for groups

Come and share a friendly moment with your friends or family around our group offer. We offer you a complete menu at an advantageous price to allow you to fully enjoy your evening. Reserve your table now.

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Tripadvisor member Oct 2023

Having been very often in Leysin over the past twenty years, Le Leysin is undoubtedly the best table in the village. Great food, well prepared, decent prices, and a fabulous decor, going back to the 17th century.... Nice and friendly service, sometimes a tad overwhelmed when they are full, but always with a smile!

Mael Drezen, France September 2023

We went to eat at the Leysin restaurant on September 9, 2023.
And I can tell you that it is an Excellent Latin-Swiss restaurant!
We had the chance to meet the owner of the establishment who is adorable.
The dishes are plentiful and extremely good.
I lived in Latin America for several months, and I completely rediscovered the Latin flavors in these plates.
Gastronomy lovers, come to the Leysin restaurant you will not be disappointed!
We finally found our favorite restaurant in Leysin!

Sara Bouchet, France - Jul 2023

Very good restaurant!
Smiling and pleasant staff
The dishes are to die for! I really enjoyed it, it's been a long time since I've had such a good meal in a restaurant. The setting is magnificent, I recommend with my eyes closed
Réserver une table

Our photo gallery

Discover our photo gallery and immerse yourself in the world of our restaurant. Our warm decoration and our tasty cuisine await you for an unforgettable experience.

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