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About us

More than a restaurant, it's our story...

We are a cozy restaurant which is also our home.

We arrived in Leysin on Mai 2022 with the purpose to share our experience with our clients. I come from a peruvian-Italian family and I grew up with both traditional and  polarized cultures. My wife Sara is Equadorian. And, we have both grown professionally in Swiss work environments at luxurious hotels were we became fond of service.

After 25 years in the hospitality industry, we both decided to move one and launch our own business project in the land of our "alma matter", Switzerland.

We have selected very carefully our gastronomic concept. We offer traditional Swiss dishes, some international, and for those that would like to discover new flavors,   we have prepared the most emblematic dishes from Peru, born from a fusion between  of Italian and Asian immigrants that arrived during 20th century

Starting in 2023, we decided to venture into Mexican cuisine. In summer 2024, we will launch Argentinian dishes. ​

With our European-Peruvian kitchen team, we invite you to enjoy a latin cooking experience in the historic Chalet “Le Leysin”.

We want our clients to be happy. So drink a Pisco Sour, and make yourself at home.

And yes, we speak Spanish :-)


Gino and Sara

Gino Casagrande
dolce in leysin_edited.jpg

She is Dolce. Our little Jack Russell dog from Ecuador. She is part of the team although she does not have specific tasks but she keeps us company from her couch during the operation.

Dogs are all welcome :-)

And in the kitchen...

Henry Guerra arrived in Leysin in December 2022 to join our gastronomic project.

He went to culinary school in Peru, his home country. This is why our dishes  have  authentic flavors. Henry is invisible to the customers because he is 100% dedicated to the kitchen operation and  for this reason  we dedicate this short presentation of who is "behind the scenes" delighting your senses.

In june 2024, his wife Dayana also joined our team.

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Quality cuisine since 2022

A family passion

We have been working in service since we were very young. While I started with my father in his bakery-pizzeria in Peru, Sara was a hostess at the reception of a hotel in Ecuador.

Two decades later, I finally reached the head position as  general manager at the hotel company where I started, and Sara on the other end became a Senior Account  Manager in the same hotel, and later  in other multinational companies.

Interpersonal relationships

are our passion :-)

Flavors from around the world

We can take you from the Swiss Alps to South America to discover the flavors of our culture. We cook with fresh ingredients and traditional recipes.

In our proposal we have emblematic dishes from Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Argentina, in addition to the fusion with Italian cuisine which is a component of our culinary culture and my origins.

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