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A chalet with a lot to tell

The Le Leysin chalet was built in the 17th century and still retains its original wood today.

From its interior, we can deduce that it was originally a small barn for farm animals. Some tables are located in enclosed spaces that were surely used for cattle or horses. There are two stone fireplaces and a small natural water fountain. Some say it was also the town's first restaurant and has had a dozen owners. Over the years, the floors have expanded and their improvisations are notorious. But the efforts made to preserve its historical value are also remarkable. Many generations used it as a cafeteria, others as a restaurant, and at one time it was a nightclub. The second floor still retains the old solid wood tables where large families back then enjoyed their free time. We invite you to discover this beautiful jewel of the history of Leysin.

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I n February 1979, the Chalet “Le Leysin” received a visit from the Jackson Five. Our fireplace served as a backdrop for the recording of the music video "Destiny", performed by Michael Jackson. Visit the video

The Chalet “Le Leysin” is the last place where the life of Claude François “Cloclo” was recorded. The video "Day Dreamer" was recorded from our balcony in 1978. Visit the video :)

Claude François "Day Dreamer" Leysin 1978 (

A chalet declared a Canton heritage site, built around 250 years ago

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We maintain the originality and warm atmosphere of our chalet so that our guests can experience a Switzerland from the 19th century

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